What if glass wasn’t made to keep fish in custody
They’d swim across the open sea
What if bars wasn’t made for caging poultry
They’d roam the heavens wild and free

Then this world would be a better place.
If we get rid of greed and hate
Everything would be the way again
That it’s been and meant to be, a place for everyone to be

What if we took only what we really need
What’s left we leave others to feed
What if we treated things that we obtain
For all successors to sustain

We cannot see
that the world within
effects where we’re living in

Fears torture me
and they bar my way
to reach my goals today

As long as I’m struggling
With my inner self
The world is suffering

And I start to see
The only thing that ever we can do
Is to find our inner peace again

Caught in my mind
building walls within
I have to live in

Slave of my thoughts
I am struggling
I am craving

Why all the clouds hanging always next to me
And the wind troubles the sea
Why are those barriers just in front of me
I am tired can’t you see

Om Gam Ganapataye Namaha

What’s the reason my path is a stony one
Why must I find out the hard way
Why the redemption always has yet to come
I am hoping can’t you see

The rivers flowing without knowing any strain
The wind is blowing without aim
The trees are growing and thriving easily
Please let me join and set me free

Marine pollution caused by oil
The air is toxically soiled
Polar caps disappear
The nature’s being destroyed everywhere

But many changes taking place
Some start living for today
Many asking for the sense
And they wanna take the chance to grow

Time has come – many changes underway
Nothing will ever be the same
We set out for a brand-new age
At the next level we start again

The time is up for the separated mind
Again our hearts take control
We set out for a brand-new age
At the next level we start again

Anger – sometimes clouding my brain
Somethings stirring up my rage
Pride – always goes before a fall
There’s a chance to lost it all

And when I think about how I see the world
All my beliefs they might be wrong
Well all my doubts playing tricks on me
Insecure if I am right or I am wrong

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Svaha

Envy – what you got I wanna get
I can’t get it off my head
Avarice – gimme more, I need it all
Nothing will ever be enough

And I don’t care what you think or what you want
The only thing that counts is me
Please stay with me, I need you so
We belong together, I can’t let you go

A silent undertone hardly to perceive
Shows up so unexpectedly
Long gone memories, pictures from the past
Take me away and seem so real

And the verse reminds me of bittersweet old times
And as the lead comes, I’m going deeper
Just a blink and the melody is gone
As it flows away I am here to stay

On the stage again, the night is cool and clear
The band starts playing their last tune
Long gone memories, innocent and pure
Carry away my phantasy

Blackness surrounds me in the night
It’s dark and cold and I can’t see no single light
My heart is empty, my heart is sore
Can’t find my way back home, but one thing is for sure

Your heart is shining on me
Shining on everyone
Your heart is shining like the sun
Even if the daunting shadows
Seem to be too strong
When you’re with me all fears are gone

You lift me up upon your back
Carry me on your shoulders as we lost our track
You give me patience give me time
With you I feel protected, your heart will always shine

I’m on my way on the streets of this life
Easily golden shoes I wear
The sun is shining can’t get rid of my smile
Don’t need no speaker, there’s music in the air

Om Shreem Mahalakshmiyei Namaha
Namah Om, Namah Om

I’m walking gently through the fields of this life
My golden crown lies on my hair
Twisting leafes dancing by my side
Sun and rain painting colors everywhere

As long as you are always next to me
Entire life is made of gold
You hold my hand and you let me see
This life is precious, joy is the key

Crescent moon illuminating the night
The third eye is watching you from supernatural heights
Dancing in the moonlight create and destroy
All creation must die for transformation to arise
No limit no form the unborn

Shivaya Parameshwaraya
Chandrashekharaya Namah Om
Bhavaya Guna Sambhavaya
Shiva Tandavaya Namah Om

10000 names not enough to describe
On a mountain watching you from supernatural heights
Dancing in the moonlight create and destroy
Living an ascetic life for transformation to arise
No limit no form the unborn

Where do we come from, where do we go?
What’s the reason for this life, why do we grow?
We pass away and we return.
Evermore the wheel of life won’t stop to turn.

Even though we leave this world someday
It turns anyway
And all the beauty here other eyes will see
Even though our time is passing by
Something new will appear
And again it’ll merge into the ocean of eternity

I’m diving down into the sea
Drifting far away until no shore I see
The sun is stroking on my face
At this moment tomorrow is far away

Although many words stand between us
And our path is not the same
I keep on walking, keep believing
Blurry the horizon, I can’t see my way

Om Tryambakam yajamahe
Sugandhim pushti vardhanam
Urvarukamiva bondhanan
Mrityor mukshiya mamritat

Albeit many sorrows separate us
Our life is a pile of broken glass
I keep on hoping, keep believing
Even if the rain is coming, now I cannot rest